In 2006 Cinematheque celebrated its 30th jubilee in new premises in the Drugarce library, with cinema, video library and specialized film-books library, permanent museum exhibition, exhibition gallery, library, photo library… After complete renovation and equipping with 35 mm film projectors and surround sound system and 136 seats, on Oct. 10, 2006, a regular film program was launched in the cinema. The cinema began with several cycles including “Macedonian Film”, “The Origin of the Film,” “Chaplin-Identity of the Film”, “Visconti”, “East-West”, “Week of the French Film” and so on.

In the following years, many cycles of famous authors, directors and directors of photography, then presenting a large number of national cinematographies, as well as festivals, premieres and promotions happens. Guests at the Cinematheque were among others: Jiri Menzel, Natalija Bondarchuk, Manolo De Oliveira, Thierry Arbogas, Loran Zafranovic, Zelimir Zhilnik and many others. In 2015, the cinema hall was renovated, new digital projection equipment, DCC projector and a new projection screen was set up.