Due to the tragic traffic accident of the Macedonian bus in Bulgaria and the days of mourning, the film screenings of the cinema program in the next three days were canceled. Director Goran Radovanovic’s documentaries will be screened on NOVEMBER 26 (FRIDAY): THE MAKAVEEV CASE OR A TRIAL IN THE MOVIE THEATER,18:00  and WAITING FOR HANDKE from 20:00 h.Director Goran Radovanovic will be present at the screenings and viewers will have the opportunity to talk to him. The documentaries of Milan Kicevac and Bosko Milosavljevic will be shown in the following terms: on NOVEMBER 27 (SATURDAY), 20:00. on the program is the MIGRATIONS CONTINUE FOREVER, and on NOVEMBER 28 (SUNDAY), 20:00 h. is the A teacher from Drimkol.