Starting from today (Saturday) at noon, at 12.00, the documentary “Galichnik” will be available at Cinesquare [LINK]. This ethnographic and historical silent 16mm cinematic jewel was filmed in 1940 by Sifrid Miladinov – a professional photographer and amateur filmmaker from Kumanovo, a man with eclectic range of interests.
In 16 short but precious minutes you will see what the village of Galichnik, the famous Galichnik wedding and our ancestors looked like 80 years ago – in color! – very unusual at that time. Maybe some of you will recognize your great-grandfather, great-great-grandmother, old family house, alley, tree, entrance door. Sifrid Miladinov’s film is a rare opportunity to look back in the past through authentic, original archive footage. We thank the descendants of this film enthusiast, the Miladinovi family from Zagreb, for depositing the film in our national film archive – the Cinematheque – several years ago.
With the online premiere of “Galichnik” on this platform, Cinematheque and Cinesquare mark the beginning of a collaboration that will enable you to see some of the archival audiovisual materials from the collections of this national institution. Archival footage that you might have missed or didn’t know they existed.
Get to know your cultural and film heritage. It makes your community richer, complete, recognizable.




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