Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department conducts activities in the presenting and promoting of the film materials the Cinematheque has in its possession – through leasing of films, film and other materials, as well as through organizing various retrospective manifestations and exhibition – in Macedonia and abroad. 


As non-dividable part of the film production, there are the film photos (film stills), posters and all of the other propaganda materials kept in the Cinematheque’s Phototeque. There are – collected and catalogued – over 45.000 photos, 607 posters, over 34.000 items of other propaganda materials (catalogues, programs, etc.), 4.800 photo negatives, 1.270 slides, 390 costume and 155 set designer drawings, as well as 380 transparent celluloid sheets from animated films. In whole, there are more then 80.600 units – from the national production only. The Phototeque in the Cinematheque of Macedonia also has a large number of photos and propaganda materials of foreign production. 

Contact: Silvana Jovanovska

Written Documentation Department

The Written Documentation Department collects, enlists and analyzes the written film documentation and all of the additional written film materials: synopses, scenarios, shooting scripts and other documents (authors’ and co-production contracts, personal documents of the film authors, etc.). Until now, this Department has more than 400.000 units of various documents and materials, placed in archive boxes on about 200 meters in length.

Contact: Milka Kapsarova-Zoksimovska

Publishing Department

Among the other activities, the Cinematheque publishes books from the fields of film history and theory. Until now, the Cinematheque of Macedonia has published 26 titles. The Cinematheque also publishes the periodical magazine for film history, theory and culture and other arts KINOPIS twice per year. Besides that, Cinematheque of Macedonia publishes other various publications (catalogues, brochure, film programs), and in the field of electronic publishing, the Cinematheque has published the CD-ROM “Cinema Century in Macedonia”.

Contact: Petar Volnarovski