N.I Cinematheque of Macedonia trough its research projects so far managed to collect large quantum of data for the beginning and development of Macedonian cinematography. Moreover, through such projects by the Cinematheque, significant empirical materials, documents and films that were filmed in Macedonia or refer to Macedonia in the period until the end of the Second World War were collected.

These types of research projects can be divided in two groups: one of organizing domestic and international symposiums (with published works) and the second is visiting research residences in related institutions and archives in the country and abroad. In the first group, so-called symposiums, there are: the domestic symposiums “The Beginnings and the First Stage of the Post-War Macedonian Cinematography” and “The Second Beginning of the Macedonian Film” (interdisciplinary and team research of Macedonian feature film production through organized symposiums), as well as the international ones: “The Cinemas of the Small Nations”, “The refuges and film” and “The Film in the Balkan Cultural Context “.

In the second group, the research projects of the development of reproductive cinematography in the period between 1897 and 1947, the activities of the Hygienic Institute in Skopje and its cameraman Stevan Miskovic between the two world wars, as well as the research projects of film archives in Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb, Bucharest, Budapest, Rome, Vienna, Paris, London, Koblenz, from where have been received interesting films and documentation for Macedonia, shot by foreign film cameramen, until the end of the Second World War should be emphasized.

In addition, Cinematheque of Macedonia undertakes short-term and long-term research projects every year. Among the other short-term researches are the recorded conversations / memories, and the collection of memorial material from the doyens of the Macedonian cinematography, including Trajce Popov, Blagoja Drnkov, Kocho Nedkov, Kiro Bilbilovski, Miso Samoilovski, Branko Mihajlovski, Gligor Pakovski, Ilija Milcin, Nikola Lazarevski, Vojne Petkovski, Nada Geshovska, Mary Boshkova, Dragomir Felba, Kole Angelovski, Franz Stiglitz, Nikola Hristovski, Ljubisa Georgievski and others.

Among the other significant long-term research projects are: “Filmological Bibliography”, which includes bibliographic units for film from newspapers and periodicals from 1897 until 1944, “Metamorphoses and Stylistic Features of the Macedonian Feature Film”, “History of Photography in Macedonia”, “Amateur film in Macedonia” and “Reproductive cinematography in Macedonia (1897-1947).

A large number of papers that are result from the research projects conducted in the Cinematheque are published in Kinopis, film magazine published by the Cinematheque.