On November 22 (Monday) starting at 12 p.m. The first film screening in a solar cinema in Skopje will be held at the Cinematheque. This event is organized by the environmental association “Go Green”, and is part of the project “Solar Cinemas”, which is supported by the French Embassy in Skopje. To enter the solar cinema, it will be necessary for the visitors to bring a recyclable item, and for that purpose, the latest innovation of “Go Green” will be set up – a mobile station for waste selection.This event marks the beginning of the European Waste Reduction Week November 20-28 (EU Waste Reduction Week). As part of this event, a presentation of eco-innovation will be organized: in addition to serving waste selection, this mobile station has solar panels for electricity production. The mobile station offers a selection of eight types of waste: plastic, paper, glass, textiles, batteries and cans.